Homm-sw is a web application to create, modify and share non linear story nets. Developed by the Universty of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) in collaboration with Crafts Museum (New Delhi, India).

Three steps to use homm-sw are briefly summarized below.

a_ have an idea on how it works

b_ draw a storyboard for your storynet

Create a mental map to share ideas and tasks with the multidiscilpinary team, at work on the project. Choose a method you could manage to be effective: fram hand drawing, to removable post-it, or digital mapping


c_  before buliding the storynet, answer some basic questions

  • Why tell this story?
  • To whom tell this story?
  • What knowledge is already available?
  • Which kowledge you can you get? [how long does it take and how much it could cost?]

and then start collecting multimedia contents and creating new contents. See some steps to create clips and the storyboard for a storynet: an the example of the storynet “A lathe at shool” (by Officina Emilia)


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