Building the storynet by linking the clip-nodes

Once selected the List of clips you want to associate to a storynet, they enter as node that you can link, one by one, to all the other nodes.

activity_create links1

From this window

  •  you may view the caption of each clip by clicking on the “i”
  • you may delete a node, and you’ll be asked a confirmation. Please note that by deleting a node you are not deleting the clip from the repository, but simply removing it from that storynet. If in a further time you change yor mind, you may associate again the clip by repeating the procedure.
  • you view the number of links already associated to each clip “Tot. links”
  • you may view which are the present links, create new ones or remove links by clicking on the green button “Links”

By clicking on the green button “Links” you see the previous list with two sets of other information

activity_create links2

  1. the table expands to highlight the nodes you have already linked and those you might add (all the others in the list)
  2. each of the nodes you link is added in a table on the right, where you may edit the content of the linkage: “Comment forward” and “Comment backward”