Target users: in museums, schools, social innovation practices

Target users in schools, museums and social innovation practices will find in Homm-sw a platform to create and share knowledge through digital storytelling, and beyond.

Software functionalities so far designed

To date, in Homm-sw three types of software tools have been designed. The first relates to the user in the context of the visit. A selection of digitized information, such as text, photos, video and…

Digital storytelling

In the last decade, digital storytelling has spread rapidly due to the growth and possibilities offered by new ICT devices. Together with crowd sourcing it can enrich the understanding of tangible and intangible heritage. Digital…

Where can we go from here?

So far we have produced a modular activity. This is just the starting point of a more complex project. The software could be developed for many different contexts, languages and so on. Current ideas on the…

Homm-sw: create, modify and share non linear story nets

Homm-sw is a web application to create free connections between texts, images and videos, to implement easily the filing of documents: this is what a new generation of teachers and educational staff expect to find in a toolbox to support them in their activity at school and in museums