Clips in the “browse&print-mode”

An interactive access to more detailed information

In the “browse&print mode”, a graph offers an overview of the clips according to the links proposed by the authors of the narrative. Individual clips  can be opened directly by clicking on its node in the graph, or in the list on the right.


When you select a clip, you open a web page with metadata and several informationon the clip. The graph you find in the page of each clip highlights the specific connections of that clip.


Links to other clips
You can view and open the clips connected by browsing and clicking them in the graph or by clicking in the table of links for each clip.
Clips can also be browsed in the list according the section (eg. the thematic areas) they belong.
Clips in the list can be browsed by accessing to detailed information on the content of each clip.

Hyperlinks to lists of clips
Hyperlinks to the list of clips by Thematic area and by type can be accessed at the bottom of the page

Share through social media
The web page of each clip can be share through social media