Clips in the play-mode

Visit a storynet in the “play mode”

When you visit a storynet in the play mode, you start building a personal perpsective on the storynet. You select the clip sequence to exploring videos, albums of photos, and reading the texts of the story according the sequence spurred by the personal curiosity and interest of the user on the right of your screen there is the playlist and the panel to visualize your story.

a)     Clips in the story net (left center part of the monitor): drag&drop

Each thumbnail on the screen represents a clip: a story. The lines are links to netting them.
It is a mind map you can navigate as you like.
What we get on the screen it is not the entire storynet, but a local map, showing only the stories with connection of degree-2 to a particular focus, in the center.
By dragging any other clip to the center, you will change the focus and explore other clips. In fact, all the clips can be moved around and the links act like springs to keep boxes connected while you perform some manipulation. Anytime you put a clip in the center, in the viewfinder, that story enters your playlist, displayed on the right of your screen, and your choice is recorded and an orange triangle appears in the right corner of the thumbnail. You can always reset the view and start a new browsing. For every line connecting two clips, a caption appears by pulling each of the clips connected with the one in the viewfinder.

b)     The playlist (right part of the monitor): browse, change order, go to the “browse&print-mode”

On the right of your screen there is the playlist and the panel to visualize your story.
The software memorizes your path in the story net transforming your selection in a sequence of clips to be viewed.
You can change the order in your playlist, by dragging clips in a different position: to play them immediately or to come back to what you visited before.
Clips are not only videos, but also photo albums and text documents, as highlighted by the icon on the left of the title.
Media type will be presented in different players to allow specific control (for instance you can download the documents). A button allows you to play the story in full screen.
By clicking on the icon (video/text/album) at the left of each title, you can enter the “browse&print-mode” set of information on each clip.