Create a new activity

From the Admin menu, click on Activity editor

admin_access to Activity editor

In the page “Activity_ Edit & Search”, click on “New activity”

activity_create new

Sections in the “Activity editor” page:


Activity editor: fill the form with the following information (“*” are compulsory fields)

  • Title*
    enter the title of the story net. Note that ID Activity for a new story net is zero. As soon as you save the form, a progressive number is automatically assigned. This ID is the one to be used in naming the thumbnail of the storynet (see below)
  • Caption*
    enter a caption that will be viewd in the info popup of the storynet in the desktop

fields with an editor

  • Introduction
    enter a text to describe, for example, the project of creating the storynet, an abstract,the sources of insipiration, list  the authors, the collaborators in your the team, …
  • References
    list of references and sources of information of all contents (music, videos, web pages, other storynets and projects, bibliographical references of any other kind)
  • Contacts
    enter a text with the relevant information

Other fields in the Activity editor

  • Preview picture (thumbnail of the storynet that appears in the desktop)
    For a new activity, first of all save the activity. In this way, the application will assign an id to  the sorynet. The id that will appear on the top right of the form.
    Create a thumbnail file  in a JPG format with a size of 160 x 240 px.
    Name the thumbnail file in the following way: “att_[idattivity]_min.jpg, using the id assigned to the storynet (see the picture below)
    To upload the thumbnail file “click on “Browse” to select your file and save.
    If you want to change the thumbnail, simply upload a new file using the same name of the previous one (that also appears on the right side on the “browse” button, as in the picture below)


  • XML properties
  • Deafult Node
    enter the node Id associated to the clip from which the storynet will start in the play mode. You can find the node number of your clip in the Node List menu
  • Logo section
    To enter logos of the sponsors of each storynet, upload all the files in the “Logo section”. You may upload up to six logos, they will be viewed in order  of upload
    Use the “X” button to delete a logo already uploaded.

Pajek Section

Save: click to save
Delete: click to delete the story net (this will be done only when you have deleted all the nodes)