Create and upload the multimedia content

1. Start: creating clips (content file and a thumbnail file)

You can start with a few clips and then upload the others.

The first time you use Homm-sw, we suggest to prepare clips of the three types (album, video, text), in order to check the approprate format and visualization of the clips.

For each clip: create a thumbnail, .JPG, size 160 x 120 pixel: this will be visualized as signpost. When the thumbnail is not available, a grey box will appear as signpost. Please note that a wrong size of the thumbnail will produce a wrong visualization.

HINT: use file names no longer than 20 characters, with no blanks, no special characters, no punctuation

2. Enter the clip’s information in the Admin menu > Clip manager > New Clip

Select the type of clip you want to enter: album, video, text