Digital storytelling

In the last decade, digital storytelling has spread rapidly due to the growth and possibilities offered by new ICT devices. Together with crowd sourcing it can enrich the understanding of tangible and intangible heritage. Digital storytelling still faces some critical challenges: creation of content on tangible and intangible heritage, classification and re-use of existing documents and clips, cooperative and coordinated production of new content. Moreover, for effective exploratory paths and a more analytical approach to browsing  material, contents must be set in the overall perspective of the narrations, to ensure narration is coherent. Finally, validation and dissemination of related outcomes must respect scientific standards.

With Homm-sw, narratives presented through a set of related clips (videos, albums, texts) are easily seen in the conceptual map proposed by the curators.

Homm-sw can be shared with non-profit organizations which intend to develop new features and share the upgrade with previous users and with new users, on the same conditions. Other engines will be implemented according to the demands of users, together with multi-channel and multilingual extension. As a tool for digital storytelling, integration with other software applications is welcome.



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