Edit Tags_ key and values

Tags can be assigned to each clip.
Tags are defined by a key, having one or more values.
Tags allows search of clips in the Admin area.
A set of tags allows automatic coding of information that are viewed in the browse&print section of each clip.
Further use of tags for automatic coding could be developed.

How to creat and modify tags

In the bottom part of the Clip Edit Menu you can enter new tags o edit te existing ones.

In the tag edit menu it is shown the list of keys already created in the Repository.
To assign a new tag, please first browse and in case select a tag key from this list: in this way the same spelling and same graphic form will be used. This allows also to avoid the creation of synomyns.

Tags cannot by duplicated. If it is necessary to have more than one value for a tag key, create a new tag with that key and the new value. Example: For the tag key “Fonts”,  values can be the various references.