Edit the description of linkages

From the StoryNet – Node List menu you may edit the description of the linkages bewteen nodes of a storynet

activity_comments on links1

Each of the nodes you link is added in a table on the right, where you may edit the description of the linkage: “Comment forward” and “Comment backward”

  • the reasons why two nodes are linked may be different according the direction you are surfing from one node to the other
  • if both sides of the connection have the same description it’s enough to fill the “Comment forward”
  • when edited the final text, save to not loose yot comments

When you create links among two nodes, Homm-sw is creating the link and filling the information of the related comments for both nodes (with the reverse assignment of forward and backword comment, if they are different).

For each link, the comment will be visualized above the edge linking the clip-nodes, when you browse the storynet in the play mode.
By pulling the clip-β from the clip-α, an orange label appears on the edge: it is the comment describing what the author highlights as a path linking clip-α to clip-β.

activity_comments on links2