2014.10.21 is online

2014.10.10 Homm-sw_History of Architecture Proseminar starts

2014.10.10 Homm-sw’s new release is published: users must register in each area. This solves the need to assign admin rights in each areas.

2014.09.09 Homm-sw_Szépmûvészeti Múzeum starts

2014.06.30 CEA & Museum of Fine Arts-Budapest sign the agreement to test Homm-sw [project coordinated by: Margherita Russo and Jùlia Katona]

2014.06.10 Homm-sw presented to Archivio Reggiane [particpants at the meeting: prof. L. Grasselli, Eng. Adriano Riatti, with Margherita Russo, Elisabetta Zironi, Giulia Piscitelli]

2014.04.12: Laboratory “How do you «exhibit» intangible heritage? Theory and practice of Homm-sw”, afternoon session  of the workshop  of the EU project INSITE “Narrations and communities: building communities for making citizenship”.
Participants: Ruchira Ghose and Narula Kritica Sharma (Crafts Museum, New Delhi), Jùlia Katona (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest), Paola Mengoli (Officina Emilia-UniMORE), Chiara Beni (Sistema Museo), Marco Guerzoni (UniMORE), Eleonora Lupo and Ece Özdil (Politecnico, Milano), Federica Rocchi (Amigdala, Modena), Laura Barbieri, Ivana Taverna (SPI-CGIL Modena), Daniela Roncaglia (Dipartimento di Economia Marco Biagi-UniMORE)
tutor: Giulia Piscitelli (Officina Emilia-UniMORE) and Elisabetta Zironi (Dipartimento di Economia Marco Biagi- Unimore); coordinator: Margherita Russo (Dipartimento di Economia Marco Biagi- Unimore)

2014.03.14: Formation of the team to support Homm-sw’s testing: Margherita Russo (scientific coordination of Homm -sw project), Elizabetta Zironi (IT aspects and contacts with the application’s developers Fogli and Mattioli), Cinzia Tedeschi (contractual and administrative issues), Agnese Fogli and Mauro Mattioli (developers of the web application “homm –sw”).

2014.03.14: CEA agrees to support Homm-sw testing. The Center for e-Learning of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia will support Homm-sw testing in the administrative, communication and dissemination aspects

2014.03.05: Homm-sw presented at the Board of the Department of Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

2013.11.20: Homm-sw presented to enhance interest on the web documents presenting narratives on labour conditions in the Modenese mechanical factories [Bursi, Pedretti, Russo]

2013.11.01: A poster on Homm-sw is presented at the Digital Heritage Conference in Marseille (France).

2013.10.10: Homm-sw presented at the Athena+ Conference in Berlin. The dissemination on the testing phase starts.


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