Homm-sw: create, modify and share non linear story nets

video Networks-of-stories to value tangible and intangible heritage in museums
3′ to view how the web application works from the general users persective

Homm-sw is a web application to support inclusive museums: the tool allows immediately to “manipulate” materials so far poorly disseminated, poorly known, printed in few copies, too specialized or older and outdated, but appropriate to their educational usage.

The manipulation of texts, the use of images and videos, the ability to create free connections and to implement the filing of documents are exactly what a new generation of teachers and educational staff expect to find in a toolbox to support them in the their activity at school and in museums.

In museums, Homm-sw links activities before, during and after the visit. Before the visit, it allows the creation of personal workspace and a preliminary self-assessment; during the visit, ICT interaction supports the storing of information in a personal workspace through multi-channel extensions; after the visit, access to the ‘memory’ of the personal workspace allows the user to continue the exploration of content online.

download a short presentation in pdf

These story nets are created with the web application homm-sw. The full documentation on Homm project and on the Homm-sw web application is available at www.homm-museums.org