Select the clips forming the nodes of your storynet

After saved the storynet, click on “Node List” to manage (create and edit) the list of clips to be associated to that storynet.

You may add new nodes in two ways:

  1. by entering one by one the Id.Node of the clips you want to associate, if you already know them
  2. by clicking on “add from clip list”.

activity_associate node list

Option #2 shows a pop up window with the complete list not yet associated. You can select them according your needs (eg, as drafted in the storyboard)  and then save (button in the bottom right of the page)

activity_associate node list 2


If you have not yet completed a clip to be used in your storynet, yoy may creare a “signpost” for that clip-in-progress by entering all the compulsory field, the decriptive information and tags you may already have and a standard-file-in-progress, that you’ll remove when the final edition will be ready.

In this way you will be able to use that clip as a node in the storynet, and then you may create the links with the other nodes. When the file of the clip will be ready yo will be able to upload in the repository and use it in the storynet.