Edit a clip-video

Clips are created and edited in the Clip Manager, from the Admin menu.


The following documents belong to this category

  • video (from dvd, or movies, documentaries, etc.)
  • fixed image and audio (encompasses the generic audio)
  • slide-show (eg PowerPoint slides or slides with audio or voice recording)
  • animation.

File format for video:  .flv, .mp3, .mp4 or .m4v.
Video format: 640 (L) x 480 (H) (25 fps).
Duration of videos has no limit, nevertheless short (1′-3′) are recommended

For the clip-video:

  • Fill the form with
    • “Title”: a compulsory field, max length 30 characters, reccommended 20. No quotation marks
    • “Duration”: format: hh:mm:ss (eg: 04:11:50)
    • “Caption”: short description of the clip. It is visualized under the title, in the browse&print section. Max lenght 1.000 characters. Reccomended 200
    • “Abstract”: we suggest to enter and abstract of the clip. Max lenght 3.000 characters.
    • “Repository text”: this text will be visualized in the right column. Maximum lenght: 12.000 characters. This text may be used as an extended abstract of the video, or to present the transcription of dialogues in a video, you can also provide a list of references
    • “Thumbnail file name”: it will be used as signpost for this clip-video (size of the picture .jpg 160x120px)
  • Save this mask

When saved, you can Edit Tags 

Video are described with metadata used in the browse&print page for automatic filling of the information on the left part of the browse&print page of each video clip and for the right part of the same page, below the text