Where can we go from here?

So far we have produced a modular activity. This is just the starting point of a more complex project.
The software could be developed for many different contexts, languages and so on.
Current ideas on the functionalities to be developed are presented in a narrative form in a set of five stories (see narrating functionalities).
Different targets of userse range from s
tudents, to teachers, tutors, educators territorial, social workers visiting a museum, and visitors to the museum in general.

OE and CM wish to explore the use of Homm-sw and its full development through a network of museum experiences that promote learning through workshops on technology, culture, art and society, such as the network European Virtual Museum Transnational Network (V-MUST, http://v-must.net) and the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS, http://asemus. museum), and the network created by the Inclusive Museum Community (http://onmuseums.com/ about-the-community), the networks of eco-museums (http://www. ecomusei.net) and the international network of museums of industrial heritage (TICCICH , www.ticcih.org).

If you are interest in joining the open and growing community of users and developers of Homm-sw, please send an email to homm-sw@unimore.it or leave a comment below.