XML Properties

The following XML properties support structured properties of the clips.

They allow:

  • to associate the language (it/en) to the menu in the browse&print section
  • to associate a colour to each partition of clips defined by the Tag “Thematic area”, created in the Clip manager (eg. Tag key “Thematic area”, Value: “History of the Monarch lathe”).
    Please note that the tag key is case sensitive, a typical error is typing “Thematic Area” instead of “Thematic area”

→ So far, the colours to be selected are:
giallo (yellow),
blu (blue),
rosso (red),
verdechiaro (light green),
arancio (orange),
azzurro (light blue),
verde scuro (dark green),
rosa (pink),
grigio (grey),
nero (black).
Colours are listed and appear in that sequence to enhance graphics in the menu browse&print page and at the bottom of each clip page
→ So far, at most 10 categories (associated to ten colours) can be created

  • to rank the clips’ partitions according  by setting  the order number (order=”…”)


<menu language=”en”>
<section color=”giallo” order=”1″ category=”History of the Monarch lathe”></section>
<section color=”blu” order=”2″ category=”Education and training”></section>
<section color=”rosso” order=”3″ category=”Officina Emilia”></section>
<section color=”verdechiaro” order=”4″ category=”Work and economy”></section>
<section color=”arancio” order=”5″ category=”Officina Emilia laboratories”></section>
<section color=”azzurro” order=”6″ category=”Inventions and mechanical technology”></section>
<section color=”verdescuro” order=”7″ category=”Socio-cultural context”></section>
<section color=”rosa” order=”8″ category=”History”></section>
<section color=”black” order=”9″ category=”Bread & Roses”></section><section color=”grigio” order=”10″ category=”Storynet_tools”></section>

cut&paste the above example and substitute the name of the categories you prefer to associate to colours in your storynet


[To do:
How many categories can be created
So far the names of the colours are in Italian. Any suggestion ? EZ AF]